Travel Awards

  MASS-2005 DARPA/NSF Travel Awards

MASS-2005 organizers are anticipating sponsorship of the US National Science Foundation and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agencies towards travel grant for researchers attending the conference. US DARPA/NSF travel awards are aimed at supporting the attendance and increasing the diversity of researchers at MASS-05. Applications from all members of the research community, all areas of research, and especially from students, women, and under-represented minorities are strongly encouraged. All DARPA/NSF MASS-05 travel awards will be allocated based on a collection of criteria including need, location of departure, seniority (students were given the highest priority), and diversity.

Reimbursable MASS-05 travel expenses include air-fare on US Flag carriers for travel, taxi fares to and from the airport, and hotel room costs during the conference. Note that lodging expenses can be reimbursed only for the dates of the conference ( November 7-10, 2005 ) . Conference registration fees cannot be covered by this travel grant. Funds in the range of $500-$750 will be awarded. Preference will be given to the authors/co-authors of an accepted MASS-05 paper. Students need to attach a letter from their school/advisor that they maintain student status during the conference dates.

Please submit details of your travel request by email before September 15, 2005 to:

Prof. Qing-An Zeng
ECECS Department
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0030

Detailed reimbursement guidelines will be provided to all recipients of the travel award during the conference. All reimbursement materials must be provided no later than Monday December 12, 2005 (one month after the completion of MASS-05) to Prof. Qing-An Zeng.

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